How to write a dual layer dvd

how to write a dual layer dvd

4 Easy ways to burn, dual, layer

Happily the software features a manual of sorts so novice pc users have instructions. Upon firing up the pc youll notice that the drive shows up as a tsstcorp CD/dvd, not Samsung. Intrigued by this I queried the samsung rep. And learned that Samsung has partnered with Toshiba to build optical drives. The fruit of this partnership is tsstcorp or Toshiba-samsung Storage technologies Corporation. I personally dont know the entire story but I do know that the end result is a very quiet, smooth drive.

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For testing Im putting 5 movies on dvd and seeing if any (Or all) end up unusable. The tested player is a 2001 vintage daewoo dvd player. And now, the sh-s162L in all its glory. Note that rousseau Samsung has changed the front bezel design from the earlier versions of their optical drives. Gone is the translucent eject button that flashed with the led and the front panel volume control and headphone jack. The tray door is also not as rounded nor as sculpted. This is cool if youre into stealthing your drives since a flat tray door will keep your chopped bay cover parallel to the front panel easier than the curving tray door on the older drives. Its not as cool if youre looking to add this drive to a pc equipped with older Samsung drives and have it blend. Also notable is the lack of the samsung name emblazoned on the face of the drive. Come to find out that Samsung omits the samsung scripting on oem drives versus retail drives. The retail drives say samsung and ship with software, screws, hardcopy manual and naturally a full color box whereas the oem drives come in an anti-static bag with software.

Weight Balance system Technology, mechanically designed for minimal vibration and noise. Eco-Product, minimum usage of environmentally harmful materials for green environment. Firmware live update, automatically upgrades the latest firmware version through Internet by continued support of newer media. Large capacity Writing (up.5gb samsung dvd writer is able to write on double layer dvd, which consists with 2 writable layers. Which means you can write up.5GB! Ive tested this drive with the following media: dvdr, dvdr d/l, cdr and i attempted to erase an older cdrw i had laying around to see how long that operation took but it locked up the pc so i scrapped that plan. The reason i ignored the other media is twofold, most people (me included) dont like spending a premium on storage media so most of us go with one flavor of media choosing either or and since this burner features higher R writing speeds I went. Plus, since r media seems to be rejected more often than -r media by older set-top dvd players I wanted to see how the Rs essay would stack up to a player that was produced right at the beginning of writable dvd media.

how to write a dual layer dvd

How do i write a dual layer

Direct disc Labeling, easy disc Labeling. Just burn, flip and burn! Speed Adjustment Technology, intelligent detection of media type. Error-free reading of all media types, increases life of drive. Provides reliable, zero-error recording. Tilt Actuator Compensation Technology, improves recording capability on deformed media. Magic Speed, enables flexibility of drive operation, low noise mode, high-speed mode. Buffer Under Run Free technology. Prevents Buffer Under Run error, enabling high-speed writing of media.

How to, burn a, dual, layer

how to write a dual layer dvd

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Dvd-r dl: Known as dvd-r9, this is blank dvd media that uses dual layer technology. It can hold up to twice the capacity of a single layer dvd-r. Dvdr dl: dvdr dl is the dual layer version of dvdr format. It's main difference to the dvdr is that it can store upto.5 gigabytes on one disc side, unlike dvdr which can only hold the same amount of data that a single layer disc can, appx. This means basically that every single one-sided movie disc ever released can be stored to one dvdr dl disc without compression or removing anything from the original disc. Dvd-ram: dvd-ram (dvd-random Access Memory) media are used in computers as well as camcorders and personal video recorders.

Compared with other writeable dvds, dvd-ram is more closely related to hard disk technology, as it has concentric tracks instead of one long spiral track. I remember 3 short years ago spending 200 for a 4x dvd-rw drive, now you can get a 16x dual Format/Dual layer dvd with Lightscribe and dvd-ram capability for less than. Sometimes change is good, very good indeed. The drive im looking at today is the samsung sh-s162L and does it ever lay down the options. First of all lets look at the capabilities and features listed on Samsungs site: Write Speeds: dvdr 16X, dvdr dl 8X, dvdrw 8X, dvd-r 16X. Dvd-r dl 4X, dvd-rw 6X, cd-r 48X, cd-rw 32X. Dvd-ram 5X, read Speeds: dvd-rom 16X, cd-rom 48X, features: business Writemaster Technology engine for the best performance.

After the above settings are done, please click burn to start copying. Step 6: While copying's done, imtoo dvd copy 2 will show you a message box that copying's successfully completed and information about copying "Source "Target "Copy mode "Compress ratio" and "Time". Tips: If you are wondering how to copy dvd to computer in avi, mpeg, mov, wmv, mp4, divx, etc. Popular video formats, Imtoo dvd to video software is a best choice. It can copy dvd and convert dvd to almost all video and audio files which can be played on computer, ipod, iphone, psp, ps3, Apple tv, zen, mobile, etc. (For Mac users: dvd to video for Mac glossary: dvd-5: dvd-5 is an acronym that means a dvd disc that is one-sided single-layer disc and can contain upto.38 gigabytes of data.

Dvd-9: One form of dvd discs that means a single-sided dual-layer dvd disc. Dvd-9 can hold approximately.95 gigabytes of data. Dvdr: Two recordable dvd formats allow single-layer data to be stored on each side of the disc - in other words, one side of the disc can hold upto.38 gigabytes of information. Both dvd formats are write-once formats, and can be read with most stand-alone dvd players and with virtually all dvd-rom drives, though dvdr is technically slightly more advanced than dvd-r. Dvdrw: Two recordable dvd formats allow single-layer data to be stored on each side of the disc - in other words, one side of the disc can hold upto.38 gigabytes of information. Both dvd formats can be read with most stand-alone dvd players and with virtually all dvd-rom drives, though dvdrw is technically slightly more advanced than dvd-rw.

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Step 2: Insert a source dvd disc you work want to copy. Imtoo dvd copy will automatically retrieve dvd information and display dvd cover. Click the drop-down menu of source, you can select Open dvd folder or Open Image file to load dvd folder and iso files. Step 3: Three copy modes are provided: Full copy, "Main movie and Customize. Step 4: Choose ick the drop-down button of Target to select a target. You can copy the source to dvd disc, save as milton's dvd folder or "save as Image(.iso). Step 5: Start burning. You can select the capacity of the target disc as dvd (4.7GB) or dvd dl(8.5GB) according to actual need. You can also select the writing speed and number of copies.

how to write a dual layer dvd

I have a collection of dvds, but some of them have scratched and unable to watch. Hence, i want to copy them to my computer hard disk so that I can keep the movies permanently and share them with my family and friends at any time. Imtoo dvd copy 2 is extremely easy-to-use dvd copying software to copy any dvd movie with excellent dvd copying quality in Full Disk mode or main movie mode. It can copy dvd movie to computer. Dvd folder, iso summary file, copy dvd to dvd disc; burn iso file or dvd folder to dvd disc. Free download Imtoo dvd copy 2 to experience its features in super fast copying speed (only about 30 minutes for dvd-5 or 50 minutes for dvd-9) and more! (For Mac users: dvd copy for Mac ) software, how to copy dvd movies with Imtoo dvd copy 2? Tips, glossary, how to copy dvd movies with Imtoo dvd copy 2? Step 1: Download Imtoo dvd copy 2 and install.

producing a dvd burning method that could work with dual layer blank media. Well, Im very glad to say that all the r d has paid off and sitting in front of me is an nec nd2510 dual layer dvd writer. This drive can write up.5gb of data to a single sided dual layer disc. The disc in question has two layers of dye bonded together, with a reflective surface behind them. Now, the key to dual layer technology is getting the laser to write to both layers, without corrupting the data on either. To get around the data corruption or cross-write problem, dvdr dl discs have a spacer between the two write layers. As with pressed dual layer dvd discs, the top layer on a dvdr dl disc is semi-transparent, allowing the laser to pass through it completely in order to write to the second layer. Switching between the two layers is achieved by varying the laser frequency, in order to focus on, or through the top layer.

Now, creating a dual layer disc involved actually bonding two pressed layers together. The top layer would be semi-transparent, allowing the laser in your dvd player or dvd-rom drive to either focus on essay it, or through. Focusing through the top layer, meant that the laser could then read the lower layer and access the data stored. Dvd writers obviously dont press discs, instead they burn pits and lands (the equivalent of 0s and 1s in binary format) into a special dye thats sealed between a reflective layer and polycarbonate layer. On a blank dvd disc the dye is in a translucent state, so light can pass through it and bounce back from the reflective layer behind. But when the laser heats the dye it becomes opaque and light can no longer pass through. Its these translucent and opaque parts that form the binary states that make up the data. Dvd writers have proved to be a huge success, holding.7gb of data on a single side, but the holy grail has always been dual layer dvd writers.

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It seems like our quest for greater storage capacity never ends. I can vividly remember when cd-rom drives first appeared, and computer users wondered how anyone would fill such capacious discs. Well, it didnt take long before software was event shipping on two, three, or even more cd-rom discs and the need for a higher capacity, distribution medium was required. When dvd launched, it came in several flavours single layer single sided, single layer double sided, dual layer single sided and dual layer double sided. It was the dual layer discs that were the impressive ones, holding massive amounts of data without the need to turn the disc over. In fact the demand for dual layer discs was so high, that there simply wasnt the production capacity available to meet. This is why, as Im sure any movie buff will remember, many region 2 dvd movies shipped on single layer double sided discs in the early days. This meant that halfway through the movie you needed to get up, eject the disc, turn it over and press play again. It was issues like this that highlighted the need for dual layer dvd discs, where whole films could be put on a single side, and there was no need to flip discs.

How to write a dual layer dvd
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  1. If your dvd files are larger than.36gb, you are going to need to either use dual layer media or compress the dvd.

  2. Are there dual layer Blu-ray. 12X dual - layer dvd, and 48x cd write speeds, the lacie d2 dvd #177;RW with LightScribe ( Macworld rated 4 out of 5 mice ) is a fireWire. Save on Verbatim 95311 dvl ( dual layer ) Disc. The verbatim 95311 dvdr dl is is a write -once double layer disc with.5GB storage. with pressed dual layer dvd discs, the top layer on a dvdr dl disc is semi-transparent, allowing the laser to pass through. A dual layer Blu-ray disc can store 50 gb, almost 6 times the size of a dual layer dvd.5.

  3. Because of how a dvd -rw is written some drives may think it is dual layer when its not and will refuse to play. might expect, double- layer (sometimes called dual - layer ) and double-sided dvds hold more than standard single-sided, single- layer dvds. including sequential write for dvd -r dl ( dual - layer dao, incremental recording, multiborder recording for dvd-r; and dao, multi. 200 for a 4x dvd-rw drive, now you can get a 16x dual Format/ dual layer dvd with Lightscribe and dvd-ram capability for less than. Dvl dual layer What's the capacity of a blu-ray disc and how does that compare to cd and dvd media?

  4. more data when using double sided discs than dual - layer, dvd, rW and dvd-rw -.4GB for dvd-ram.5GB for dvdrw dl and dvd-rw. to tell If your dvd burner Can Burn. Dual - layer technology allows, dVD burners to write data to two separate layers. Dvddvd-rom (Single dual layer dvd -video, dvd-r,dvd-r dl,dvd-rw,dvdr, dvdr. Dvd 9 uses single-sided dual - layer, dVD disc with a size.95 gib /.5GB. Dvd-9: One form of dvd discs that means a single-sided dual - layer dvd disc.

  5. How to Encrypt a, dVD. The world is divided into. Dvd (Digital Video disk) encoding, regions. Using dvd authoring software and a dvd. As if that wasn't good enough in a few months we'll have burners that will write dual layer dvd -9) discs.

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